The National News Media Outlets That Can Be Deemed As Political Organizations

The National News Media Outlets That Can Be Deemed As Political Organizations

In today’s politics it’s not the national news media that reports the story in a truthful manner of voice that reflects reality but moreover it’s the political organizations that own their own personal national news media outlets and release its own version of a political story through the national media outlet under its control. Political organizations will take a trending political story and alter it to their liking and can pretty much sway the public either minor or major to a positive outcome for their candidates.

A political organization national news outlet will display habits of cutting out small segments of a full taping to pick and choose what is going to be broadcast. The spoken words of the political organizations news anchor will alter a word or two of the person being reported on and create the altered meaning that meets the desired political thought. Some of what happens in politics is meaningless, produce blunders or what is meant as spoken is taken out of context to fit a political parties viewpoint.

A political organization that does not own its own media circle is doomed. With the internet age upon us the word of mouth is mighty but the reach is less. News organizations have a constitutional right to advertise events in the public domain but nothing stops the news organizations from broadcasting the events with alterations. There are defamation laws but in the news world if you can’t find proof of who actually created the slander you can’t win the suit. Most news organizations factor in lawsuits in their financial overhead but hide the source as best as possible. As long as the domino affect gets the altered version of the story into the public a retraction can be done the next day in a three second time period very few people will hear ending any lawsuit.

Many national news outlets report stories that voice reality in a true sense but they are not on the top tier of media reach. These lower media reach news outlets are predominantly internet based and require reading. Searching them out is a task unless you know someone that can point them out because there’s also an overshadowing amount of out of reality news outlets that are political organizations for a political party that produce media in a way that isn’t clear to tell them apart with the little one or two word alterations that change the meanings to fit the narrative.

The top tier media news outlets that are listen to media with greater reach are political organizations without a doubt. There’s one listen to news outlet in the top tier that is better than most and is seen to be a political organization also but only by the opposition that is politically owned. The one non politically owned news station showcases the opposition opinion of the news networks that are indeed owned. This single top tier news outlet has not yet appeared to be politically owned due to the reporting on stories that their opposition news broadcasters do not and are of great concern to the public.

There’s cable news and public airwaves broadcasting. Most politically owned news media outlets broadcast on both cable and public airwaves. The public airwaves are dominated by the politically owned news media outlets giving them a step up over their opposition non politically owned news media outlets. Millions of people do not subscribe to cable and cannot view the one news broadcaster that isn’t owned by a political party. There’s virtually millions of low income voters that don’t get to listen to all political viewpoints and only form their opinions from the politically owned news media that dominates the public airwaves. Public airwaves are also controlled by the political party that is elected into control of the government.

Can you even believe that some of these well known news networks and media outlets are actually political organizations as PAC’s are? Start believing because as slow as a snail is the news media in the United States isn’t fighting each other for top stories anymore but morphing into political entities. They fight each other as political organizations that cater to their supporters only. The debates are one anchor making a statement about another anchor on the opposition news network and then a minor retaliation makes its way into the attacked anchors broadcast about the anchor attacker.


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