Health Policy: Obamacare Changes In the Law

Health Policy: Obamacare Changes In the Law

Health insurance allows citizens of a state to have access to basic healthcare facilities without having to pay heavy costs. It is one of the main duties that a state owes to its people. Until a while back, health insurance providers had the authority to deny coverage to those who had pre-existing medical conditions. Fortunately, the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act brought such practices to an end. There are other changes that have, since then, been implemented.

According to the Affordable Healthcare Act, vision-related treatments and dental health coverage are not provided to Insurance holders. New revisions in the Affordable Healthcare Act authorize free health services like mammograms for women at no cost. it also offers discounts to consumers on health insurance plans that are paid for by the government, these are called tax credits. The Affordable Healthcare Act also insures employees that work for smaller businesses by stating that their employers will have to start offering them health insurance. If you think you know your healthcare laws so well then take a quiz on

The new act also states that health insurance plans must offer health services in a minimum of 10 categories. The new act also allows that Obamacare holders be offered preventive services at no out-of-pocket cost. Corporations like the Hobby Lobby have sought to argue against the Affordable Healthcare Act because of religious reasons. This is due to the fact that it necessitates that it cover charges for birth control pills.

The Affordable Healthcare Act features a dollar limit, which is the amount an insurer will pay after an insurance holder has reached their deductible. In 2014, it was ruled, due to religious reasons, that employees cannot press employers for coverage of birth control medication and contraceptives, even if they are insured by the Affordable Healthcare Act. Now that many more people are opting for health insurance plans, the scarcity of primary care physicians is a cause for concern. For this reason, the health law has encouraged more training for primary healthcare physicians by increasing funding. For more information on the recent changes in health policy, visit the Health IQ website.

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