4 Things To Do With Your Dog in Minneapolis

4 Things To Do With Your Dog in Minneapolis

If you’re bringing your dog along on your trip to Minneapolis, you’ll need to plan a special itinerary that includes a few pet-friendly destinations. Luckily, Minneapolis has many businesses and activities that are open to dogs, making it a great place for Fido to have a ball. Here are a few fun activities you can do with your dog when visiting the Twin Cities.

Have a Tasty Meal

Just because you’re going out to eat doesn’t mean you have to return to your hotel to drop off the dog first. There are plenty of restaurants in the area that allow pets on their outdoor patios. One such establishment is 4 Bells at 1910 Harmon Place, which features Southern-style fare like fresh shellfish or roasted chicken. You’ll have the option of sitting on the outdoor rooftop, along the secluded alley, or on the main front patio.

Another choice is Butcher and the Boar at 1121 Hennepin Avenue. Here, the outdoor patio provides needed shade for you and your pup to prevent your pet from overheating. Plus, in the winter, the restaurant encloses and heats the patio. You’ll be able to enjoy a quality glass of bourbon while munching down on crafted charcuterie or steak tartare.

Take Your Dog for a Walk

After traveling, your dog will mostly likely have a lot of pent-up energy, so why not go for a walk together in some of Minneapolis’ green spaces? There are plenty of pet-friendly parks in the area, including Minnehaha Park. You’ll be able to walk along the waterfalls while your pup smells everything glorious in sight. Even better, the trail has access to the Mississippi River, meaning your pup can go for a swim in warmer weather.

Another park to keep in mind is the Lake of the Isles Dog Park. It’s a fenced-in off-leash area, meaning your dog can play with new friends without being inhibited. And because it’s located just off the Isles Parkway, it’s an easy park to access.

Watch a Movie

While it might be hard to believe, there’s a theater in town that allows dogs – the Vali-Hi Drive-In. After a long day of walking around town and playing in the park, you dog will probably be down to chill. At the drive-in, you can cuddle up on a blanket on the ground or sit inside your car to watch Hollywood’s latest releases. The drive-in is open seasonally and offers a number of concessions, so you and your furry friend won’t go hungry.

Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to book a dog-friendly hotel in Minneapolis. With the variety of options, you won’t have to sacrifice amenities or empty your bank account to find suitable accommodations. You’ll have your choice of staying downtown or in the surrounding areas and might just have to pay a small pet fee deposit.

Your dog is going to love coming with you on your trip. By planning a schedule where you can keep your pup by your side at all times, you’ll never have to leave your furry friend sad and alone in the hotel room.

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